Hello wonderful people of the internet! My name is Annabel and I will be you host for this blog.
I’m 18 at the moment but gradually getting older by the day, I live in the south west of England (farmer land) and LOVE Jesus and people! My mission in life is not to run around the world like a maniac telling people to become Christians NOW! but rather to run around the world like a maniac loving people. I want them to see and feel that the love I am sharing with them is the love that comes from Christ, the same love that he embraces me with every hour of every day. I desire to hug those who have never been hugged before, see broken hearts healed, physical healings happen, people smile and the earth filled with joy. I don’t want to see this world filled with wasted lives, I want each of them to feel alive and purposeful.
Thank you for your attention, speak to y’all soon 🙂
Oo and if you want to contact me or whatever you can follow me on twittaaaaa (aka twitter) at @Annabel_Goold would be great to chat to you all and follow you back to see what you are up to as well! Love a good ol’ bit of inspiration!



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