My goodness it’s been a while!

Family; friends; other people of the internet,

I am SO sorry that I have not posted on my blog in such a long time and have already broken my promise of regular updates! However, I have been keeping rather busy so that is always a good excuse if an excuse is allowed!

I am seriously enjoying my time here in Highworth; who knew a small market town could bring such joy to an 18 year olds life! I’ve been getting involved in lots of areas of the church and community such as volunteering at the local drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, TA’ing and assemblies, youth groups, home group, outreach, prayer walks, etcetera!

In terms of church stuff last month we had a prophetic team from Arun Community Church come and spend the weekend with us, doing some prophetic prayer walks, prophetic appointments and leading the church service. We had a fantastic time with them and the church has really taken on the Word that was given to us my the team that “We are not called to survive history, but to serve humanity.” The church has been building on this Word since then and really seeing it lived out rather than just written on a piece of paper.

2 weekends ago a group of us had the pleasure of serving as a prophetic team down in Essex at Rochford Community Church. It was really exciting to see what God is doing in the hearts of the people there, and I’m talking even people in the community that aren’t Christians! God is stirring and awakening something amazing there and the church is so ready to welcome that in. Myself and another girl from here then had the privilege of staying down there for the rest of the week, and getting stuck into schools work with a fantastic charity called Route One which own a double decker bus that they have kitted out with exciting ways of communicating the gospel and then take that into schools and teach lessons on it! I took away from that, great new ways of communicating the gospel with people and to get them interacting with the information rather than just making them absorb it like a sponge.

We’ve now got a week of half term but we have many an exciting thing planned for when we get back, and things that it would be fabulous if you could pray for; a few of us are off to a 2 day Partners in Harvest conference in Birmingham, our prayer room weekend, our church weekend away (which we’re actually having at home!), our Lights On event (Christmas lights switch on) and the work alongside that that we’re doing in schools, and finally a group of us from here are off to Cambodia in December so please pray for our preparations for that as we are taking a very big step of faith with that!

Thanks for reading and supporting me,

much love,



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