Summer 2013

  • Hello again wonderful people!

I’ve had a bit of a rushed summer this year full of different activities and I had written a whole blog post about one of the camps I went to at the beginning of the month however that got lost (grrrrr) and I really haven’t had the time/wanted to re-write it! So instead of writing loads of separate and really long posts about all the different things I’ve done this summer I thought I would just share this photo with you all as a summary of all the fun I’ve had.


And as well as that, just say that hopefully the changes in me and the ideas that have been seeded into my head this summer will be reflected in everything that I’m going to do this coming year.

Oh and I’ve moved in to the new house that I’m staying in to do my discipleship year now!!

Aaaaaaannnddd I’m really sorry but I am not going to be able to stick to the previously stated commitment of daily blogs… that’s just far too much for me to be able to do so hopefully I’ll get them up weekly :)

Be blessed this week as you go back to work/school/uni etc



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