God in the land of no signal

Evening wonderful people!

So at midnight Tuesday night (or is it morning?) I got back home from the land of no signal; also known as Devon. On Monday a few of us went down to visit Lee Abbey First Youth Camp. Lee Abbey is tucked away on the south west coast of England in Exmoor and runs for 2 weeks in the summer. We knew a bunch of people down there who have links with our church so we thought we would just go down for a day/night and see what it was like. This camp is a great place for people to search and learn more about God; there were people there who have been Christians for many years and are deep in their faith, but then there are also people who are curious about Christianity and want to know more about our heavenly Father; overall a great mix to help one another in a supportive community. There was such a great atmosphere of fellowship down on camp and it was awesome to see everyone just loving living together.

There was never a shortage of activities on camp, with the beach just a 2 minute walk away, a lounge tent, ping pong, Podex (a combination of cricket and rounders), a 10 mile walk along the coast and streams with a tea cottage break at the half way point, football, volleyball… need I go on!? It was just a hype of activity and even though I was only there for about 24 hours, I found some great new friends who I would love to stay in contact with!

At midday on Tuesday it was time to say goodbye to Lee Abbey and to make our way through even more of the stunningly beautiful countryside in Devon, including the Exmoor Forest (which has very little trees!?!), all the way down to another youth event/camp called Obsession. This again was in the middle of nowhere but this time on a farm/church/Christian centre with seminars and a main meeting being held in barns & other buildings. This was a smaller event as it’s still in the process of getting started and had roughly 50 youth there. I went to a girls seminar which I thought took a really great approach because instead of the typical ‘you are precious’ ‘you are loved’ messages that you get in girls seminars at events, they chose the title ‘man up princess’. It seemed as though a lot of the girls took something away from it which is awesome! The main meeting was marvellous, amazing, incredible, and every other word for awesome! The worship was lead by the Joshua Generation Band (from Bath City Church) who are absolutely astounding musicians who immediately bring you into the presence of God with their worship songs, a lot of which they have written themselves; check them out on iTunes here – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/wildfire-worship-untamed/id628671664
Lloyd Katz (youth pastor at Bath City Church) then preached and his message just gave me the reassurance of how much I am covered by the love of our heavenly Father.

Then it was a 2 hour drive home and time to write this blog! (I don’t know how to end this thing!)
Thanks for reading lovelies! Enjoy my photographs of the beautiful south coast 🙂

Stay wonderful 🙂

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2 thoughts on “God in the land of no signal

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos!
    I love camp. There’s something truly special about being in a tucked-away place in nature and just focusing on God and each other.

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