Who am I and why am I writing a blog?

Okay, hello Internet. 

I’m Annabel, 18 and from the south west of England. Recently my 14 years of education came to an end and in exactly 18 days I will have my results from my A Level exams. Then it’s no more safety net of school for me, nope, I have to face the world. I am a Christian and my faith has always played a very big part in my life. I have decided that I want the rest of my life to be dedicated to that so, rather than going straight to university in September/October I have decided to take a year out, for a bit of a break from cramming my brain with information and instead to EXPLORE the world and career opportunities; LEARN more about the Bible, ministry and where God wants me; and to LOVE the people that I meet along the way. 

I’m hoping that the experiences I’m going to have throughout the next year are going to help to make my next steps clear and will be good preparation for going to university the following September to study Theology (that’s the plan at the moment!)

So what I want to do is to share my life with you all through this blog over the next year, so you can follow me as I explore, see what I’ve learnt and be inspired to love! I will blog daily (that’s not a promise but I will try) from day 1 (September 1st), but until then I may put up a few blogs just about my preparation for the year and to give you some more information about what it is that I will be doing over the year! 

Have a great day you wonderful people! 

Annabel Image


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